The history of the cemetery:

Garnisons Kirkegård was, by a decree from King Frederik III, laid out as a cemetery in 1664. From this time burials have taken place, even though the official opening did not take place until the 13th of July 1671. The cemetery was known as "The soldiers cemetery", and it was soldiers, who were buried here.

In 1706 Garnisons church was built at the present Skt. Annæ Plads and in 1723 "The soldiers cemetery" changed it's name to the present Garnisons Kirkegård.

In 1711, during the great plague epidemic it was decided, that civilians also could be buried at the cemetery, as it got cramped for space around the churches in the city. There are many
known people, both military and civilian, buried in the cemetery.

One of the many characteristics of the cemetery, are the many old graves, still owned by families
, and war-monuments of fallen in the wars 1848 - 1850 and 1864. Garnisons Kirkegård is an independent cemetery, managed by the parochial church council, placed under the army's highest  authority.

For the time being, the cemetery will remain here until the year 2150.